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The registration is valid as soon as the money is transferred to the conference bank account.


Entire conference (complete program from March 6 to March 10)

Reduced (GI or infos)1 Non-Membership
Early2 Late Early2 Late
Regular3 300 EUR 350 EUR 350 EUR 400 EUR
Student4 50 EUR 60 EUR 60 EUR 70 EUR

Single-day ticket

Reduced (GI or infos)1 Non-Membership
Regular 150 EUR 200 EUR
Student4 30 EUR 35 EUR


  • For regular participants (i.e., for non-students), the conference dinner (2017-03-09) is included in the conference fee. Separate dinner cards (for accompanying persons, students or guests) can be purchased for 30 EUR each. The reception (2017-03-07) and the get-together (2017-03-08) are included for all participants.
  • The complete conference proceedings, a ticket for the public transport system (VVS) during the conference (Mo-Fr), as well as coffee and snacks during the breaks are included in the conference fee. You will receive your conference materials at the conference from March 6.

Further information

  1. The reduced prices are only valid for members of GI or infos. You have to provide your membership number in the registration process.
  2. Early registration ends on February 5th.
  3. Special conditions for groups of five or more people (regular payments & entire conference) on request.
  4. The student discount does not apply to doctoral students, but only for students without a master or diploma degree who are not employed as research assistants. Please bring your student ID card for on-site verification.